Aldebaran is Rigel's evil clone. He was born of the star of the same name. Like Rigel, he was born from a Astral Egg. Instead of being hatched by a regular pancham, Rigel hatched his egg. Rigel wanted the two to stick together, but Aldebaran preferred to go his own way. For unknown reasons, Aldebaran's fur was red when he was formed, when he, in theory, should have been an exact copy of Rigel.  He and Rigel attribute their rivalry to the mythological beings that the constallations containing their birth stars represented: Orion and Taurus, who were enemies.


Aldebaran looks similar to Rigel's pancham form, but has read instead of black fur and red eyes. His star energy is red, because Aldebaran is a red giant.


Aldebaran is Rigel's opposite. He is rude, mean, and selfish. Aldebaran does share in Rigel's lack of understanding about the world around him, though he learned a bit differently by going off on his own. He is, arguably, smarter than Rigel, though his pride gets in the way. Aldebaran also shares in Rigel's habit of reacting too much or too little to certain things, though he has a much shorter temper and does not have the same amount of empathy or compassion. His levels of evil range from yelling in the library to simply causing physical harm to others, especially Rigel. Aldebaran is vengeful, petty, and extremely destructive.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Aldebaran, being an Astral Beast, has the same Star Powers as other members of his species. He can shoot his own energy in the form of beams and blasts. He can also charge items to make them stronger or faster, or can overcharge them to make them explode (which he loves doing!) With these powers, he can also run fast, fly, and shift all his energy into physical strength.  He can transform himself, but rarely does as this process takes a lot of energy out of him. Unlike his "brother" Rigel, Aldebaran is not a werewolf, ninja, or licensed ferry captain. He is, however, incredibly strong physically. Other qualities of being an astral beast include his durability, high pain tolerance, and quick healing.