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Alpha is a gentle Golett and one of Karo's friends. The Pokemon is extremely over protective, and will normally point his blaster at any noise he hears. He technically is undead, made from parts of broken machines, and of course, Golett remains. Thus, he is considered to be a genetically advanced Golett.

Alpha was resurrected by a combination of Litwick Karo and Eclipse's black magic, but Karo is still considered to be the Pokemon's "creator". He takes Hex's place as Karo's "silent friend", since the Dusknoir was secretly a villian. Alpha is also the go-to guy when the Tyranitar Robot is unavailable.


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Along with the powers of a typical Golett, Alpha has also been shown to be able to turn his arms into weapons, due to being made from old parts. The parts shown are:

  • Blaster hands: He can shoot a light blue blast of plasma at a target.
  • Rocket waist: He can retract his feet, and shoot around like a rocket.
  • Knight hands: Alpha can turn one hand into a teal, stone blade, and the other hand into a rock shield with his shoulder pattern on it.
  • Upgrade: Under certain circumstances, he enters a giant, robotic Golurk exoskeleton, and becomes "OMEGA Alpha".