The Majestic ChillEdit


Articuno is the older sister of Zapdos and Moltres. She appears the be the wisest of the three, taking her time to think about the outcomes of each action unlike the two brothers who don't seem to think as much before actions. There has been times she thought too much and the chance to do anything slipped away but most of what she does resulted in a good outcome. She often remains in the colder parts of the land but will fly from one place to the other in case she is needed elsewhere.

Personality Edit

Articuno is a very calm and relaxed pokemon, having a very peaceful life. Being an older sister she was taken a liking of helping others and sharing her thoughts and wisdom if they ask for it, enjoying to see she has helped anyone in anyway. Despite joying helping others she appears to be shy at times and dislikes being anywhere filled with other pokemon.

Relationships Edit

Zapdos: Brother

Moltres: Brother

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