An Unlikely FriendEdit


Black is an Hydreigon who has a slightly different color, the parts that's suppose to be fuchsia has more of a red color to it and he appears to be shorter than the typical Hydreigon. He never stays in the same place other than his home but he never travels far away from his home. He claims to be serious about his training but in fact he only trains every so often. He tries to act tough in front of anyone not many seeing his other side though another reason he wants to be strong is so he can be looked up to, others to look at him and think "He takes good care of himself." He fears to be looked down on.


Black is not close to many so towards many he acts tough and serious. He acts as if he does not care about others or wishes to be close to anyone. Becoming Ice's rival was really just him wanting to keep his strong and competitive image but this backfired and ended up becoming friends with her and then his true self was shown. He has a caring and gentle side, every now and then showing concern for his friends. Towards them he has a guardian like personality, doing whatever he can to make sure they're okay.


Ice: Friend

Karo: Known

Shay: Known