Blade and a grunt

General of Control and Order Edit

As you can guess from his appearance, Blade would be involved in military in some sort of way. How he's involved is that he has his own army though it's mostly a group of followers, Pawniards that listen to him no matter what and others that agree with his views. What are his views? Well he is a strong believer of the strong ruling the weak, survival of the fittest in a way. He thinks that it's cheating how now the "weaker" pokemon use magic or technology to help them in life, in terms of fighting mostly. "The weak should fear the strong! The strong should control the weak as they please!" he declares as he gathers his Pawniards to strike fear in the hearts of others with their raw power. Blade is a powerful Bisharp and many couldn't defeat him so easily but enough has repelled him and kept him from controlling cities and villages. After failing so many times he knew charging in and attacking wouldn't work and would now study about the land while learning about any magic, of course refusing to use it in any way, and targeting any area related to magic. He has also been training much more and only getting stronger...


Blade can seem demanding and harsh with his orders and goals but outside of assigning missions to his grunts he actually acts level headed, being calm and not being a control freak. When not training or discussing strategies he can be sometimes found walking through towns or sitting at cafes with one or two grunts by his side, it's not known if he enjoys this but he will sometimes try to seem normal to make order like him then slowly put his ideas into their heads.

Abilities Edit

Blade has trained much with what he can do as a Bisharp. He keeps fighting to be perfect, already at this moment he can make others faint in one attack, this would make up for him refusing to try to do more that would be unusual for a Bisharp.


Ice: An annoyance.