• Karobot

    New Characters

    November 29, 2015 by Karobot

    Hello everyone! You may be wondering why there's so many characters I've been making lately? Well, I wanted to add some diversity to atleast some background characters and villains in Karo's past, or some that will support some of my OCs now! I feel like you guys have so many awesome OCs that aren't necessarily main characters, and that inspires me to make more too! I hope you enjoy these characters, and there will be more to come.

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  • KaroTheKirby

    Ultimate Crossover

    August 19, 2014 by KaroTheKirby

    Hey guys! Karo here! I was wondering, should we redo Ultimate Crossover? It kinda faded a while back, I think we could re-tell the story with some more modern things in our RPs now. And since we have a lot of things in common, let's break the rules of us not being allowed to have more than one of the series. Like, if someone has Peach, no one could have Rosalina, remember? Well, now let's say they can! It's just kind of an idea, and we can all post our parts of the story in our own time, and, now that Zee's around, maybe he'll participate in it too!

    I would love to restart the story where we're all together, but maybe we'll delete the pages about them and start over again. Also, some of the characters on my team aren't interesting to me any…

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  • IronTheUltimate

    Hey guys. I want to make a page. Cuz last time it dissapeared. Is it ok if i do?

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