Mparty4 bowser


Bowser== Bowser is the supreme leader of the Koopa troop, and Mario's arch-nemesis. He often causes trouble for the mob members who go into the Mushroom Kingdom. He's been doing this for a long time now, even before the mob was formed! Despite falling into lava and being seemingly dead almost every time he's defeated, he never really dies. He's a giant turtle dragon who can breath fire and do other cool stuff.

Bowser kidnaps a lot of people. Why? Because he's evil!! He usually kidnaps Peach. Sometimes it's to gain control over Mushroom Kingdom. Sometimes it's to lure Mario into danger. And sometimes it's just because he's madly in love with her. The person he kidnaps most after Peach is Ninja. Bowser kidnaps Ninja for three main reasons. Partly because he worries Ninja will try to stop his plans, partly because he's a high-ranked, and valuable member of the mob, and partly because he makes a good slave (just like Hypno, "magic foot rubs.") He's also kidnapped Daisy before, just because he wanted to change things up. Karo has also been kidnapped, for reasons unknown...Maybe to prevent him from stopping Bowser's plans.


Peach: Enemy, victim, love interest

Ninja: Friend/enemy, victim, slave

Daisy: Enemy, victim

Karo: Enemy

Mario: Enemy

Luigi: Enemy

Poke: Enemy