Clay is a squirtle, and self-proclaimed king of a small island. After a battle with Skar, he claimed legal ownershi

Clay on his throne

p of the island. He is very proud of his land and had claimed it a while before the gang showed up. When Rigel, Karo, Ice, Silver, Creep and Tazer showed up, he initially wanted them to leave, but after Skar arrived and tried to take the island for himself, they all teamed up to help Clay keep his land. He and Rigel found a giant diamond that Skar was after burried in the middle of the island. He used the money to get a real crown, a throne, and a very small shelter. After the fight, he gave his old conch shell to Ice, made Rigel his royal guard, and made everyone knights.


Rigel: Friend, Royal Guard

Silver: Friend, knight

Karo: Friend, knight

Ice: Friend, knight

Creep: Friend, knight

Tazer: Friend, knight

'Skar': Enemy

Scritch: Enemy

Scratch: Enemy