Debbie Greyshine is a Cherrim and a friend of Team Indigo. Her personality depends on her form, and both are drastically different from each other. Though she needs sunlight to change forms, it's hard to get her to use her Sunny Day attack in her overcast form.


Cherrim by krokus00-d5tk03a
In her overcast form, Debbie is lazy and moody. She'd rather stay away from people and just sit alone. She always seems sad or indifferent and often asks "Why bother?" which makes it difficult to convince her to do anything, like to use her Sunny Day attack. She seems a bit more shy and timid in this form.


In her sunshine form, Debbie becomes overly cheery. She runs around full of pep and energy. She'll gladly take on any task that may get thrown her way. Her loud, overly-energetic actions can sometimes cause trouble but she can really pack a punch. She also moves a lot faster, which helps her fight, even though she prefers not to do so. She also gets exceedingly friendly.