Icy Wonderland Edit

The Ice Passage is a long cave that starts near the Snowy Forest Village and ends at Kyurem's Cave. At first it looks like a simple cave covered with ice but the deeper you go in it the earth seems to go away and soon all there can be seen is ice, it's very crystal like. Some parts even look like glass, the walls, floor, and ceiling can be looked through until the cracks make it impossible to see farther. Other parts have a blue color to them and is said to be beautiful by others. The ice here is dry and tough and is a good source of nevermeltice, since there's so much that back in the day the ice was used to keep food cold until the invention of refrigerators. Even though it sounds great not many go through the Ice Passage, the cold is extreme and the ones who could be fine in it are scared of going too deep and finding Kyurem.