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Lisa is a midly rude representative for various businesses.She often is the one to make and answer phone calls. She has a habit of not giving the other person a chance to speak, and sometimes redirects their calls, puts them on hold suddenly, interrupts them, and even hangs up on them. She always introduces herself with "Yes, hi, this is Lisa from *company name* How are you today? Good? Good." Lisa also has a way of dodging certain questions. Her voice is shrill and a little bit nasally. It is unknown what species she is, or how she can manage to work for so many companies at once. So far she has made calls for UrsaFur, a company that makes fur  care products specifically for bears, and Sweets, Treats and So Much More, a dessert company. She also worked at Streamside Summer Camp, doing office work and making announcements over the speakers. Zee seems to dislike her more than anyone due to her rudeness.


"Right, so you say you're only a four on the ursa scale? I see..."

"Okay, let me connect you to the senior manager."

"Ohh, sorry. See I was supposed to send out this prize yesterday so my boss is really on my case about it.  So if he's not available right now then I'll just have to pass it to the second prize winner, sorry! Bye!"

"Hai, this is Lisa. Sorry, but that's not a valid complaint. Okay? Okay, bai" Zee's impression of Lisa.

"Let me just get my pen and clipboard......wait this pen is out of ink.....this one too....oooh I need new pens, hang on I'm gonna write myself a where can I OH! Got one!"