Marvin and Mindy

Marvin Marowak and Mindy Mandibuzz are an awesome twosome who are close friends to Creep (they're almost as hostile as he is.). They used to host a talk show called "Live with Marvin and Mindy" until it was cancelled. So their ex-boss, Danny Drapion fired them for not enhancing their talk show. Becuase of that, Marvin and Mindy decided to join Creep's mob and soon have their revenge on Danny for cancelling their talk show.


Marvin is funny at sometimes ('cause he used to be a comedian until he met Mindy) but he can be hostile and pushy. Mindy has a caring nature, but don't let her nature fool you, she can get a little grumpy if she was pushed around, hit, or if someone was plucking, tearing, or yanking her feathers.


Creep: Close Friend, Boss

Nermal: Close Friend, Fellow Mob Member

R.O.B.: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Young Creep: Unknown

Ice: Unknown

Ninja: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Karo: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Poke: Unknown

Blazer: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Petey: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Maverick: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Rudy: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Kreap: Unknown

Aisu: Unknown

Neenja: Unknown

Magnezone: Enemy

Danny: Ex-Boss, Enemy

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