Meowth is a schizophrenic, cowardly member of the mob. Because of his constant fear, most of the other mob members enjoy picking on him.


Because Meowth is schizophrenic, he is easily scared. Even the slightest sounds can send him running away. He is almost constantly shivering out of fear, and jumps when someone calls his name. He has a habit of clinging to the ceiling when he is scared, startled, surprised, etc. He often stutters when he speaks because he is so nervous.

Role in the MobEdit

Because of his constant fear, Meowth is almost completely useless on actual missions and job assignments. He is often left at the mob building to do simple tasks. Most of the other members like to pick on him, usually by scaring him (which isn't too hard) or by making him do some awful, ridiculous task. He seems to be a fairly low-ranking member, and doesn't train much. The only reason he works in the mob was because he couldn't get any other job, and his father begged Creep to give him one. Creep was nice enough (surprisingly) to give him a low-ranking position in the mob (but it was mostly just so Meowth's father would leave him alone)