Samual PhlosionEdit

Mr. Samual Phlosion is a highly successful buisnesspokemon and owns his own corporation

known as "Phlosion Corp." that rakes him in a lot of money. With all his connections and resorses, he's able to get his paws on pretty much anything he wants to, and his money helps him to hire all sorts of goons to help him with his dirty deeds. Samual is very power hungery, and loves ordering others around. It's part of the
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Samual Phlosion

reason he climbed the corprate ladder in the first place. If he's not bossing people around at his work, he's ordering his servents around in one of his mantions, thought it's not like he's rude when giving orders, He is quite polite and well mannered, (unless he's in a bad mood) he just really likes being in control.

Samual tends to work in shady buisness, mostly to help raise his position of power, though sometimes it could just be to get something he wants. He also uses the best lawyers money can buy and bribes the judge and jury when needed to keep from getting locked up. This only feeds his power obsession more.


Samual defenetly isn't the worst of people. He's got manners, and knows how to use them, especaly to charm

Mr. Phlosion's company logo

others. He'll keep a stern face on most of the time and huffs smoak out of his mouth or nose sometimes just to show his dominance, and intimidate anyone who dare challange him. He's not at all mean to his servents or workers and dosen't feel he needs to be rude to get his point across, though he keeps a stern or serious voice. Again, really just to show dominance. There are times where if he's really stressed, or fed up with someone, he won't hesitate to show his ugly side. If he's really agrivated he'll blow fire out of his back like a normal Typhlosion would, though he dosen't usually do this as he considers it "unprofessonal." (Also it'd probably ruin his suit.)


Samual is a large Typhlosion with the top of his head and his back black, and his belly, legs and bottom of his head white. He's got red circles where he could blow fire from, and he's normaly seen wearing a suit.