Nermal is Creep's little brother adopted from a local dragon orphanage. He is one of the mob's basic members who helps Creep do his work. but he is kinda overshadowed by his sibling
2. Nermal's Bio

Nermal's Bio


Nermal is wacky, daring, dangerous, caring, and is always there for his big brother. Despite his caring behiavior, you don't wanna make him angry!


Creep: Older Sibling, Boss, Fellow Mob Member

Ice: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Ninja: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Poke: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Karo: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

R.O.B.: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Young Creep: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Kreap: Enemy

Aisu: Enemy

Neenja: Enemy

Magnezone: Enemy

Demon: Sister

Beta: Cousin

Gamma: Cousin

Zoltar: Pet

Job at the MobEdit

Nermal is a co-worker at the mob who always assists creep with his work.


Food: Fish

Color: Green

Hobby: Hanging out with Creep

Video Game: Mario Kart 7

Trait: Wackiness

Number: he can't remember....

Physical Feature: wings

Drink: Soda

Minecraft Enemy: Creeper

Contraption: R.O.B.

Weapon: His Painful Blue Fireballs

Sibling: Creep

Pet: Zoltar

Friend: Ninja

Music: Rock


Creep gave nermal a potion so he can transform into anything he wants. but he can turn back into a night fury anytime he wants


ACDC Highway to Hell with lyrics03:29

ACDC Highway to Hell with lyrics

Main Theme

Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (Final Boss Theme Remixed and Remastered) Extended09:51

Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (Final Boss Theme Remixed and Remastered) Extended

Boss Theme


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