The Paper ShredderEdit

The Paper Shredder (sometimes just called "The Shredder") is the only living office supply in the mob building. He doesn't talk much and usually only uses a few words at a time, rarely making a complete sentence. Little is known about him. He is used for shredding papers such as old or secret documents, or completed job requests. He cannot move on his own (no legs) but is happy doing what he does. It is also known that he is (somehow) allergic to chocolate, and doesn't like it anyway. His allergic reactions cause him to faint, but other than that he is usually perfectly fine. He's also pretty smart!


Somehow, he even has friends!

Ninja: Friend

'Redd': Friend

Poke: Friend

Creep: Boss, Enemy (he didn't sign the "get well soon" card!!)

Magnezone: Enemy

Karo: Unknown

Nermal: Unknown