One of the Skullies.

Skullies are little possessed skulls with a purple aura following them. They have the ability to float, and...That's...That's about it...The Skullies aren't very smart, and only a few know how to speak. They are from the Underworld, and anything that isn't a Skully fascinates them. The Skullies aren't bad, but aren't good either...They're neutral. It's very rare that you see them out of the Underworld.

Recently, Litwick Karo has been able to make Skully-like darkness appear with his Dark Pulse move. With it, he can possess objects, for example, if he possessed a skull, it would appear the same as a Skully. Most of the possessed objects gain personalities, the majority acting as a Skully. Others go beserk and crazy, or don't have a mind at all.

Things possessed so farEdit

  • Train - Karo has possessed a train that was meant for children, that he and his friends rode on. It was extremely fast and out of control, and they called it the Demon Train. It could apparently float on water, ram through things, and fly through the air.