R.O.B. is Creep's sidekick who helps him in some situations. He is a robot invented by Creep in 2010 that likes to hang out and hates being pushed around by other mob members.


R.O.B. had no personality when he was first invented. Later on, Creep gave R.O.B. an emotion chip and voice chip so he can have feelings and talk. Currently his personality is helpful, caring, and loyal.
5. R.O.B.'s Bio

R.O.B.'s Bio


Creep: Best Friend, Inventor, Fellow Mob Member

Nermal: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Ice: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Ninja: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Poke: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Karo: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Kreap: Enemy

Aisu: Enemy

Neenja: Enemy

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