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Razor is a Zangoose that works for the local police force. Though he tries to follow the rules and laws, he often forgets about them once he thinks he can catch a dangerous criminal. His intelligence and knowledge of the law gets overshadowed by his anger and burning desire to stop certain criminals. Razor has an extremely explosive temper, especially when reminded of the rules and certain details of the law that keep him from stopping a villain. He often teams up with Leon Kex to investigate things when he has a feeling that someone is up to no good. Razor can best be described as serious, stubborn, and reckless. His rage and dangerous (lack of) strategic thinking often endanger his friends or innocent bystanders, but he always knows when he's gone too far. He's been suspended more times than any other officer, and probably would be fired if he wasn't such a good cop. Razor's main target is Samual Phlosion, who, unfortunately for Razor, always manages to beat the justice system and get away with whatever he wants. Though he'd never admit it, Razor secretly has a passion for interior design.

Razor and Leon in a conflict with Kyurem