"No sweat, I'll be done in a beat." Edit

Ricky, or Poké Man, is a construction worker who works in various places. He lives in Serenity City, in an apartment he helped create with his company. It is unknown who his boss actually is, or what company he works for. In his super hero identity, he keeps the city safe from evil (when Team Indigo isn't, of course!)

Personality and TraitsEdit


Ricky the Machoke is a Pokemon who enjoys helping, and his job. He is friendly, and nice, but acts tough when he wants.

He helped Ronald raise Karo!

Little known to most, he has an alter ego named Poké Man! A superhero who keeps Serenity City safe from evil and, well, serene! He's never encountered Team Indigo, nor has he revealed his identity to Karo. Whether he's revelead it to Ronald, however, is unknown.



Armaldo: Husband, co-worker

Karo: Son

Tentacruelzilla: Enemy