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Sawk & Throh are two Pokemon who live in their dojo, located somewhere in Serenity City. They haven't interacted with many Pokemon yet, due to just opening. They are two guys who are normally seen everywhere together. Occasionally, they'll leave the dojo and go out to fight in battle competitions.

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Sawk's descriptionEdit

The teacher in blue is normally serious, sophisticated, and quiet. Sawk is the "brains" of the group. He rarely ever shows emotion, but is a great teacher. He will occasionally speak Japanese, but normally just simple terms such as "Hai." or "Yamete!" His moveset is:

  • Close Combat, which he uses to attack swiftly
  • Karate Chop, used to break objects
  • Endure, used in situations he might not make it out of
  • Leer, when he wants to strike fear into others

Throh's descriptionEdit

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The country-speaking red 'mon is far from smart, but he's extremely strong, brave, and very friendly. He acts like the bigger brother to anyone new joining the dojo, but acts like the eager little brother of his blue friend. He is very animated and loud, and is known as the "brawn" of the group. His moveset is:

  • Wide Guard, used to protect himself and allies
  • Storm Throw, used to (surprise, surprise) throw things
  • Bide, he uses this in tough situations, and bursts with power when enough damage is taken
  • Rest, when he wants to heal himself, or just to nap.


None, yet.


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    While Sawk is graceful, and elegant, Throh is clumsy, and not as agile.
  • Sawk is of Japanese origin, but Throh is southern.
  • It is unknown if Sawk is the sensei or not, they are equally ranked, and show equal authority in the dojo.
  • The blue 'mon likes Japanese food, and the red one likes any kind, but mainly sweets.
  • Sawk and Throh were originally going to act like Leonardo and Raphael from the TMNT series, but were changed because these personalities work better.