19 rattata vector by inkomingvirus-d5cy2up

Scratch or Scritch. They're almost identical anyway.

Scritch and Scratch are Skar's underlings. They are twin brothers, and neither of them are very bright, but they follow orders well. They work well together and are surpisingly fast, strong and stealthy. They both look up to Skar, but he sees them as useless pawns. It's possible that deep inside he does care for them, as he's never left them behind and tries to get them out of trouble (including busting them out of jail, rather than finding replacements.) Even so, he still mistreats them. Sadly, since they have no where else to go, and probably aren't smart enough to make it on their own, they stick with Skar, who found them as homeless street rats. They often argue over some minute thing, such as who is the right hand man and who is the left hand man. Their names come from scratching, something they do often. Scratch is stronger and smarter than Scritch, being able to remember certain things very well (though he's still pretty dumb), but Scritch makes up for this by being stealthy, speedy and having pretty good senses like seeing and hearing (and his favourite, tasting.)  Scratch has a longer tail, bigger fangs, and longer whiskers. Skar often confuses them, but when they correct him he ignores them. Scratch is the older twin by four minutes.

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