Serenity City

Serenity City at night.

Serenity City is a city between Evergreen Village, and Zombie Forest. Its name means peace, shown how it protects its inhabitants from the dangerous locations around it. The city isn't very large, but it's big enough to have a variety of different buildings. There is a mysterious force field that keeps the Zombies of Zombie Forest out. 

Locations in the CityEdit

The city holds many buildings. There are many places in the city, but here are the ones that are best known.

The tall building with a neon heart on the side is Heartbeat Hospital, where Marie and Minnie work. There are many floors, but the two seem to be able to handle all of them without help.

A small building beside the hospital is Chansey's Orphanage. The orphanage is run by a shiny Chansey, and it is home to a bunch of Pokemon, big and small, who don't have a home.

Another building is the Chocolate Bar. Run by Noctowl, it is a small bar that serves nothing but sweets! From milkshakes to hot chocolate, everything that guy makes is delicious. 

Sawk-n'-Throh Dojo is found near the city limits. It is run by Sawk, and he is assisted by his close friend, Throh. Many fighting types come here to visit and train, but others visit, too.

Apricot Appartment is located somewhere in the city, as well. It is home to many Pokemon, but some known residents are Ricky and Ronald.

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