Lovable JokesterEdit


Shade was one friend Ice made as a Sneasel when she still lived in the Snowy Forest. They instantly became good friends thanks to Shade's humor. Murkrows can be known as pranksters, but in a bad way but Shade didn't seem like the kind of pokemon who would go so far with a prank. He enjoys shiny things have has a stash of shiny things he has found, most of it is junk but he may end up finding something important or high in value. He appears to be fond of spooky things.


Shade is very carefree, to the point where he doesn't seem to have a care in the world or that he's always in his own little world. He can be quite talkative and often speaks his mind, sometimes it's entertaining and sometimes it's annoying. His humor consist of puns, jokes that would be known as "bad or cheesy" and dark humor, but it isn't that dark. He appears to be very happy when he sees that others enjoy his company so he will try to be good company for others.


Ice: Best Friend