132 Ditto AG Shiny

"For real, though." Edit

Shay is a sassy Ditto and Karo's cousin. She lives in the forest shrine-house and is normally in the appearance of a Bellossom. Shay is very energetic like Karo, but she is rarely seen. Other Pokemon normally see her around Karo, but most of the time, she's locked herself up in the shrine-house, dancing, singing, reading magazines, napping, and/or eating pears.

Her main forms are Bellossom, Pichu, and occasionally Celebi. She seems to be fine with showing her Ditto form, too, in which she is shiny.


Karo: Cousin, Close Friend

Ice: Friend

Black: Enemy


"Boy, you so ugly." - Shay calling Black ugly.

"I made it into a little house. So, I can climb up in it and sleep like a little hobo lady."- Shay telling Karo about her Shrine-house.

"You know, mah thaaang." - When Karo asked what she was doing lately.

"Ugh, I hate heights...I'mma throw up." - Shay on a hot air balloon.