Stupid Morbid Zombies is a Stupid Zombies creepypasta written by Creep H. Raichu. The story goes like this:

"It was a lovely spring day in the USA when my brother and I saw this guy named Blake on his laptop. He was looking up used ipod touches on ebay. He bought an ipod and soon after 3 days the mailman came to deliver it to him. He opened the package, turned on the ipod, connected to his wi-fi network and noticed the ipod had 2 apps installed on it, angry birds and stupid zombies. He checked out angry birds first. It worked and played great. Then he checked out stupid zombies. The title screen's background was dark red, but the music played normally. The logo had the word stupid crossed out and replaced with the word morbid.  

Blake chose chapter 1, stage 1 and went on to you know, play the game. He was about to shoot a zombie, but the bullet ricocheted off the zombie and killed the player. the zombies then began to laugh maniacally and eat at his dead body. Blake screamed loudly. We walked over to his house to see what was going on. "What's going on?" my brother asked. "this game." Blake said. I looked at him with a blank expression. "no game is gonna scare blake when I'm around" I said fearlessly. So Blake played the game again, and chose the same level as before. All the zombies had shotguns like the player. The player looked terrified. 

Blake tried shooting the zombies again, but the zombies shot at the player, and his blood and guts splattered all over the screen. Then there was a loud "Meeeehhhhh" from one of the zombies. Then the zombies laughed again and the You Failed screen appeared, except that it read: "You Will Die". Blake chose exit, the zombies moaned loudly and the screen turned to invert colors. The screen said: "there is no escape from the zombies now." Blake yelled in frustration. The game randomly chose a level.there were zombies everywhere, and your only ammo was one bullet. blake shot the bullet and hit 3 of them. The zombies then shot the player again, ate his brain and kicked his carcass around. Blake and my brother screamed. 

My Brother then looks at me and shouts "dude! he's got a scary hacked game!" "i know" I replied emotionlessly. Then I helped Blake conquer his fear by deleting the app and reinstalling it. The app started to play normally again. So we all looked at each other and then had a good laugh to get it out of our systems. And Blake never saw them morbid zombies again."