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"Yeah, I really dodged a bullet with that one." Edit

Switch is a kind, quiet Scizor (previously Scyther) that protects helpless Pokemon in danger. Once, he saved Karo and Ice from the evil Jynx Sisters! He's a certified member of a local guild, in which he is a highly exalted explorer. He is rarely ever seen outside of his work, as he takes his position very seriously. The Scizor has the ability to Mega Evolve, but it is only used in extreme need.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Switch is helpful Pokemon, as well as a bit of a hopeless romantic. He is disciplined and reserved, but is rather socially awkward. Due to being alone most of the time, he will sometimes use his chomp-like hands as puppets, and talk to himself.



  • Switch was going to be renamed to "Senketsu", but was reconsidered.
  • He evolved when no one else around, so it was unknown where, when he evolved. (Much less how.)