Terrance, sometimes called Terry, is a loud and large Pokemon. He's also one of Karo's close friends. He isn't seen very often, since the climate is different than the one he's used to. When in need, he can be called up for help! Give him a while, though. He's pretty far away most of time.

Skills and TraitsEdit

The Groudon is loud, bold and occasionally a bit rude. Although, most of the time he helps the best he can. For his large size, he's actually pretty gentle!

Due to his typing, Terry can easily maneuver through hot areas, and even lava! He uses the ground to his advantage, and has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.


Karo: Close Friend

Rigel: Friend

Ice: Friend

Silver: Friend

Groudonzilla: Self proclaimed rival*

* - The two have never actually met.

Hoenn Confi--I mean--GalleryEdit

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