Beach zone

The view of first entering the beach.

The Beach
doesn't really have a specific name, but it is located on the far left side of the Island of Adventure. It is a vacation spot for many, as it has a hotel close by it. It has a small rest area beside the shore, with hammocks and chairs for Pokemon to relax. Across the biggest bridge is a volleyball area. It is unknown where the Pokemon will go if they go out into the ocean. Away from the Island of Adventure, of course, but it is still unknown exactly where.

The view from the hotel's first floor window.

The hotel is run by a Starmie, and many Staryu are seen working around the inside. The Staryu are normally awkward and silent, and the same goes to Starmie. It is unknown how much it actually costs to stay there, but Starmie just accepts money once it is given. If not provided with the cash, he will follow the visitors until they pay. It has 7 floors, and is packed with Pokemon around summertime.

Coralina lives in a small shack by the shore.

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