Creep's Mob Building

Creep's Office

This is the Place where Creep and his pals work. The jobs you can do are do an important job for Creep, do a job on the job bulletin board or just take Creep's orders.


Creep: Boss

Nermal: Basic Mob Member

Ice: Advanced Mob Member

Ninja: Advanced/Highest Ranking Mob Member

Poke: Intermediate Mob Member/Ninja's Assistant

Karo: Advanced Mob Member

R.O.B.: Intermediate Mob Member

Young Creep: Basic Mob Member

Maverick: Intermediate Mob Member

Rudy: Basic Mob Member

Blazer: Intermediate Mob Member

Petey: Intermediate Mob Member

Marvin: Intermediate Mob Member

Mindy: Intermediate Mob Member

Electrode: Intermediate Mob Member

Gyarados: Advanced Mob Member

Venusaur: Advanced Mob Member

Luxray: Intermediate Mob Member

Charizard: Advanced Mob Member

Zekrom: Advanced Mob Member

Steelix: Intermediate Mob Member

Meowth: Basic Mob Member

Mewtwo: Advanced Mob Member

Skuntank: Intermediate Mob Member

Bonsly: Basic Mob Member

Machoke: Intermediate Mob Member

Blastoise: Advanced Mob Member

Dodrio: Basic Mob Member

Groudon: Basic Mob Member

Dusknoir: Basic Mob Member

Munchlax: Basic Mob Member

Rayquaza: Intermediate Mob Member

Mew: Basic Mob Member

Darkrai: Basic Mob Member

Spinarak: Basic Mob Member

The Building's FeaturesEdit

The building has lots of things like an indoor pool, a break room, Creep's office, a training room and lots of coffee and pizza.
Indoor-Swimming-Pool-Design (3)

The Building's Indoor pool

Break room furniture

a quick glimpse at the break room


the place where new members go to train

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