PanBros Color

Sear, Pour, and Sage, otherwise known as the Pan Bros.

The Pan Bros. are a gang of brothers who like to cause trouble and mischief. They're the main enemies of the Static Squad, and are always well organized with their plans. They like to wear scarves around their necks corresponding to their colors. Lately they'll leave their original teritory to find other places to cause trouble, however unbeknownst by them the place they decided to cause trouble is in the very same area Team Indigo is stationed.


Sear is a Pansear and the eldest of the three brothers. He's the mose mischievous and smartest of the group, so he's the one who'll always plan their heists, kidnappings, and other things that they could gain from. Though he's usually got a suspicous smerk on his face, he's not that hard to upset and make angry.


Pour is a Panpour and the middle of the the three brothers. He's the most cool and chill of the group, and dosen't let a whole lot bother him. He's always in a relaxed mood, so he's always the best of the tree to get them out of tight spots or stressful situations where anyone else would probably panic.


Sage is a Pansage and the youngest of the three brothers. He's the most energetic and adventurous of the group, allowing him to find hidden openings or items that the group otherwise would have missed. He can also be quite sneaky if he has too, but if he gets too excited then he may just be hard to control, let alone quite noisey.