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Thorn is a nightmarish, boarderline-satanic villain. He is extremely powerful, cold-hearted and dangerous. Unlike most villains, Thorn's goal isn't very clear. He's almost evil just for the sake of being evil. Though at times he seems to want to rule the world, he would be perfectly content just destroying it and surviving by simply going to a parallel universe until he finds another planet. The only thing that seems to bring him any joy is causing misery for others. His merciless, sadistic and ruthless personality make his evil plots some of the most perilous to those affected by them.

Thorn is easily one of the most powerful and dangerous enemies to Team Indigo. He has abilities beyond the realm of Pokemon and even unknown to the wisest of wizards. He can manipulate his shape easily, though anything he turns into maintains that glowing red eye. He seems to be able to manipulate plant life too. His wooden shell can be destroyed, but he can regenerate it fairly easily. Without his shell, his shape is more malleable and acts more ghost-like, turning invisible and passing through solid objects.  A strange mist always seems to surround him as well. Thorn is not above manipulating, hypnosis, and even killing his enemies. It's possible that he has some connections to Dark Matter, a species that haunts the universe.

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Thorn without his shell