Coming all the way from the Past, Young Creep is here to stay in the present! He is Creep's pre-evolved form who may look confused, but he was born with red eyes. You can easily tell how high his temper is by the shade of red in his hoenn legendary skin tattos.
Young Creep
8. Young Creep's Bio

Young Creep's Bio


Young Creep is angry most of the time, but he can be nice sometimes.


Creep: Form From the Future, Fellow Mob Member

Nermal: Brother From the Future, Fellow Mob Member

Ice: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Ninja: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Poke: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Karo: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

R.O.B.: Friend, Fellow Mob Member

Kreap: Enemy

Aisu: Enemy

Neenja: Enemy

Job at the MobEdit

Young Creep sometimes serves as Creep's sidekick in some missions.

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