The Instant FlashEdit


Zapdos is the middle sibling of the bird trio. Though he appears less reckless as Moltres he often does whatever he feels is right in an instant, sometimes it has solved everything and sometimes it has caused more trouble. Zapdos travelings the land, flying where ever he pleases with no certain goal in mind. He does care for others he also has shown that some of the things he does is for his own self.

Personality Edit

Zapdos doesn't seem to have any traits about himself that sticks out, his personality appears simple. He will help others as best as he so don't mistake him as careless when he shows no interest in others or seems like he only cares about himself at the moment. Being a legendary he still feels like it's his duty to keep the land from danger.

Relationships Edit

Articuno: Sister

Moltres: Brother